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widget:editor fields.ini directive

Return to fields.ini file

The widget:editor directive is applicable in the fields.ini file. It specifies the type of HTML editor that should be used. This directive is only used when widget:type is set to htmlarea?. Xataface currently supports FCKEditor, TinyMCE, and NicEdit.

Allowed Values

Value Description Version
fckeditor Use FCKEditor. This is the default value. all
tinymce Use TinyMCE editor. 0.6
nicedit Use NicEdit. 1.0.5


Example 1: Using FCKEditor

Given a field 'content' that you wish to be able to edit with FCKEditor, you would have the following section in your fields.ini file:


Note that since FCKEditor is the default editor, the above would give the same result as:


Example 2: Using TinyMCE

Further from example 1, if we wanted to use TinyMCE editor, we would change our directive to:


Example 3: Using NicEdit

Further from example 1:


Enabling Image Uploads

By default image uploads are disabled in these WYSIWYG editors.

Enabling Image Uploads in FCKEditor

  1. Create a directory named uploads inside your application directory. e.g.
    cd /path/to/myapp/uploads
  2. Make the uploads directory writable by the webserver. e.g.
    chmod 777 /path/to/myapp/uploads
  3. Edit the lib/FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php file inside your xataface directory so that:
    $Config['Enabled'] = true ;
    $Config['UserFilesPath'] = '/url/to/myapp/uploads/' ;
        // The path portion of the URL to your uploads directory.
        // e.g. if your uploads directory is accessible at
        //, then this value should
        // be /myapp/uploads/
    $Config['UserFilesAbsolutePath'] = '/path/to/myapp/uploads/' ;
        // The absolute file system path to your uploads directory.
        // e.g. if your uploads directory is located at
        // /home/myhome/www/myapp/uploads, then this value should be
        // /home/myhome/www/myapp/uploads
  4. Now when you click on the "Add Image" link in your HTML editor, it will allow you to upload images and browse existing uploaded images.
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