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widget:type Directive Reference

The widget:type directive in the fields.ini file specifies the type of widget that should be used to edit a particular field in HTML forms. Xataface uses HTML_QuickForm for its form generation so theoretically any widget supported by HTML_QuickForm should work with Xataface.

Available Widget Types

Name Description Version
advmultiselect Two select lists with add/remove buttons. Selected items appear in the right select list. Options may be selected from the left select list. 1.0
ajax_upload File upload widget that uses AJAX to perform uploading with progress indicator.

2.0 and ajax_upload module
autocomplete? An autocomplete. text field. This is not to be confused with the yui_autocomplete? widget. The main difference is that this widget does not provide a drop-down list of possibilities, it just tries to complete what the user is typing inside the text field based on a valuelist. all
calendar A DHTML pop-up calendar to select the date. 0.5.3
checkbox A checkbox or checkbox group.

Example 1: Checkbox as boolean on Tinyint field.

Example 2: Checkbox group to allow multiple selections.

ckeditor A WYSIWYG HTML editor widget for use in Xataface 2.0 or higher. This is meant to replace the older FCKeditor and TinyMCE editor widgets.

2.0 and ckeditor module
date? Select lists for month, year, day, hour, etc... all
datepicker Alternate jQuery widget for selecting dates.

2.0 and datepicker module
datetimepicker Alternate jQuery widget for selecting dates/times. (This photo is of the datepicker widget... datetimepicker is similar but has time also).

2.0 and datepicker module
durationselector A special case date widget meant to be used in editing the "end time" of a datetime field as a duration relative to a start datetime field.

2.0 and durationselector module
depselect A select list whose contents is dependent upon the current value of other fields in the form. 2.0 and depselect module installed
file A file widget (default type for container? fields and blob fields. all
grid A grid widget for editing multiple rows of related records inside the edit form. Supports adding/removing/reordering. As of version 1.2.5, file uploads are not supported in the grid widget.

group A compound widget for editing multiple fields but storing the data in a single XML field. all
hidden? A hidden field all
htmlarea? A WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML editor. This defaults to FCKeditor, but TinyMCE is also supported. all
lookup A field that allows users to look-up a record from another table. THis is a good alternative to a select list. It doesn't use a vocabulary, so this is appropriate when vocabularies would be unpractical (for large vocabularies). You do, however need to specify the widget:table directive for the field so that the lookup knows from which table to load the records. 1.2
password? A password field.

select? A select list.

Example 1: A single select.

Example 2: A multi-select. To use a multi-select, add repeat=1 to your fields.ini.

table A compound widget for editing tabular data. This widget dictates the storage format as XML.

text? A text field

tagger A widget to add n:m related records to a relationship inside the edit form as tags.

2.0 and tagger module
textarea? A text area (multi-line text field)

time? A select list of times separated by a specified interval (default 30 minutes). 0.7
yui_autocomplete? An autocomplete widget ported from the Yahoo UI Library.

Additional Directives

- yui_autocomplete:maxResultsDisplayed? : Set the maximum number of results to display at a time. Default is 10. (This directive available since 2.0.3 or SVN rev 4784 in trunk).


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