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validators:NAME fields.ini directive


Return to fields.ini file


In the fields.ini file you can specify validation rules to be applied to any field by adding the validators:NAME directive in that field's section of the fields.ini file.

Available Validators

Name Description Value Version
required Field is required 1 All
maxlength Maximum number of characters allowed. $length All
minlength Minimum number of characters allowed. $length All
rangelength Range (min and max) characters allows $min,$max All
email Input must be syntactically correct email address. 1 All
emailorblank Accepts an email address or a blank field. 1 All
regex Input must match the provided regular expression. A regular expression All
lettersonly Input must contain only letters (i.e. [a-zA-Z] 1 All
numeric The input must contain a valid positive or negative integer or decimal number. 1 All
nopunctuation The input must not contain any of these characters: ( ) . / * ^ ? # ! @ $ % + = , " ' > < ~ [ ] { }. 1 All
nonzero The input must not begin with zero. 1 All
uploadedfile The element must contain a successfully uploaded file. 1 All
maxfilesize The uploaded file must be no more than $size bytes. $size All
filename The uploaded file must have a filename that matches the regular expression $file_rx. $file_rx All


To make a the first_name field required we add the following to the fields.ini file:


Note that fields that are declared NOT NULL in the database are required by default.. If you wanted to remove the required validator from a field that is NOT NULL in the database you would add the following to the fields.ini file:


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