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validateRegistrationForm() hook

A hook that validates the input into the user registration form to make sure that the input is valid.


function validateRegistrationForm( array $values ) : mixed


Name Description
$values An associative array of the input values of the registration form.
returns Mixed. If this method returns a PEAR_Error object then the validation will fail - and the user will be asked to correct his input.


class conf_ApplicationDelegate {
    function validateRegistrationForm($values){
        if ( $values['age'] < 18 ){
            return PEAR::raiseError("Sorry you must be at least 18 years old to join this site.");
        return true;

Validation via the Users table Delegate class

Note that since the registration form is just a "new record form" for the users table, it is also possible (and preferred) to do validation through the users table delegate class?.

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