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The reCAPTCHA module

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The Xataface reCAPTCHA module CAPTCHA support to any Xataface form that is rendered to the public (i.e. when users are not logged in). This is particularly useful for the registration form as a means of spam prevention. Below is a screenshot of a registration form with the reCAPTCHA module installed:

For more information about reCAPTCHA see


  1. Download/extract the module directory into your xataface/modules directory. Currently this module is only available in SVN (
  2. Add the following to the [_modules] section of your conf.ini file.
  3. Add the following section to your conf.ini file.
    Where public_key, private_key are your keys from your reCAPTCHA account. (Note that you need to register for a free reCAPTCHA account at in order for this to work.


If you are NOT logged in, you will now see a reCAPTCHA validation image before the submit button for all webforms in your Xataface application. If you fail to enter the captcha text correctly the form will not validate. If you are logged in this module has no effect.

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