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Xataface Preferences

Xataface preferences can be defined in 3 ways:

  1. In the [_prefs] section of rhe conf.ini file for global static preferences.
  2. Implementing the getPreferences? method in the Application Delegate Class
  3. In the __prefs__ section of the fields.ini file for a table for static preferences on that table. (Limited to only certain preferences).

Example [_prefs] section

In the conf.ini

Example getPreferences? method

In the Application Delegate Class:
function getPreferences(){
    return array('hide_update'=>1, 'hide_posted_by'=>1);


Available Preferences

Name Description Default Version
show_result_stats Show the result statistics (e.g. found x of y records in table z) 1 0.6
show_jump_menu Show he drop-down menu that allows you to "jump" to any record in the found set. 1 0.6
show_result_controller Show Next, previous, page number .. links... 1 0.6
show_table_tabs Show Details, List, Find, etc... tabs. 1 0.6
show_actions_menu Show New record, Show all, delete, etc.. 1 0.6
show_logo Show logo at top of app 1 0.6
show_tables_menu Show the tabs to select a table. 1 0.6
show_search Show search field in upper right. 1 0.6
show_record_actions Show actions related to particular record 1 0.6
show_bread_crumbs Show bread crumbs at top of page to show where you are. 1 0.6
show_record_tabs View, Edit, Translate, History, etc... 1 0.6
show_record_tree Show tree to navigate the relationships of this record. 1 0.6
list_view_scroll_horizontal Whether to scroll list horizontal if it exceeds page width 1 0.6
list_view_scroll_vertical Whether to scroll list vertical if it exceeds page height. 1 0.6
hide_posted_by Whether to hide the posted by text in glance lists (e.g. in the view tab, the related records are shown in the left column. This hides the posted by text next to each related record. 0 1.0b4
hide_updated Whether to hide the updated text in the glance lists (e.g. in the view tab, the related records are shown in the left column. This hides the updated text next to each related record. 0 1.0b4
SummaryList_logo_width The width of the logo to be used as the preview image in summary lists. null 0.7
SummaryList_hideSort Hides the sort control for a summary list (the box that allows users to sort by column). 0 0.7
hide_user_status Hides the user's status (e.g. "You are logged in as ..." 0 0.7
hide_personal_tools Hides the personal tool links in upper right. This includes likes such as "Control Panel" and "My Profile" 0 0.7
hide_resultlist_controller Hides the controller for a result list (E.g. next/back/results per page etc...). 0 0.7
hide_related_sections Hides the sections of the view tab that show the related records. These are the sortable section boxes. Not the related tabs. 0 1.3
hide_record_search Hides the record search form that appears in the view tab. Not to be confused with the find tab. 0 1.3
show_resultlist_controller_only_when_needed Sets the resultlist controller (e.g. back/next/results per page/etc...) to only show up if paging is required (i.e. if there are more records than can be shown on one page (according to the '-limit' parameter). 0 1.0
hide_record_view_logo Hides the logo for a record that appears in the upper left of the view tab for each record. 0 0.7
horizontal_tables_menu Whether to force the tables menu to appear as tabs along the top of the page (alternative is as a menu on the left). If there are 10 or fewer allowed tables, then the default is 1, otherwise the default is set to 0. 1 0.6
hide_result_filters In list view, setting this value to 1 will cause the column filters to be hidden (the select lists to filter the results). 0 0.7
disable_select_rows A value of 1 causes the checkboxes in each row of the list view to be hidden. 0 0.7
result_list_use_geturl Use the getURL() method to link to records in the list view rather than the default (which uses the -cursor parameter). 0 0.7
disable_ajax_record_details Whether to disable the ajax record details (the '+' sign beside each record in list view that expands to show the record details. 1 0.7
use_old_resultlist_controller As of Xataface 1.1, a new style result list controller is used that resembles facebook. It is more slimmed down and is easier to manage. If you prefer the old controller, set this preference to 1. 0 1.1

Inverse Preferences

The following preferences perform the inverse of some of the options above. When these options are set to 1, their respective option is set to 0.

Name Inverse
hide_nav_menu show_tables_menu
hide_view_tabs show_table_tabs
hide_result_controller show_result_controller
hide_table_result_stats show_result_stats
hide_search show_search
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