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getPasswordChangedEmailInfo Application Delegate Class Method


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Optional method to define the settings for the email that is sent to the user upon successful resetting of their password using the password reset function.

Introduced in Xataface 1.3. Exists in 1.3 or higher.


function getPasswordChangedEmailInfo(Dataface_Record $user, string $password){}


  • $user - The Dataface_Record of the user whose password has been changed.
  • $password - The new temporary password that has been assigned to the user.


This method should return an associative array with 0 or more of the following keys:

  • subject - The subject line of the email.
  • message - The message content of the email.
  • headers - The Email headers (as a string).
  • parameters - Extra parameters for the mail function.

See Also

  • getResetPasswordEmailInfo - A delegate class method to define the email that is sent to the user when they request a password reset. This is the step that immediately precedes the Password Changed email step.
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