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_auth section of the conf.ini file


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The _auth section of the conf.ini file includes configuration directives to enable authentication in a Xataface application. For more information about authentication and registration see authentication. This section may include the following directives:


Directive Description Required Default Version
users_table The name of the table that contains your user accounts. Yes None 0.6
username_column The name of the column that stores the username. Yes None 0.6
password_column The name of the column that stores the password. Required if using basic authentication. None 0.6
auth_type Specifies the authentication module that is being used. E.g. basic, cas, ldap, http, facebook, etc... No basic 0.6
allow_register Flag to enable user registration. If this is set to 1, then a register link will appear below the login form. No 0 0.8
session_timeout Number of seconds of inactivity after which the user will be logged out. Note: Arithmetic don't work in the conf.ini, use seconds. No 86400 (=> 24*60*60 (24 hours)) 1.3rc4

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