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How to authenticate users with LDAP or Active Directory

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It is often easier to use the existing LDAP or Active Directory to authenticate users in Xataface than to create a new password for every user in the table users.

In the conf.ini

In the conf.ini file, in the [auth] part, you need to add your LDAP or AD configuration data :

users_table = xata_users
username_column = id
    ldap_host = ""
    ldap_port = "389"
    ldap_base = "OU=blabla,DC=blablabla"

Here in the table users, you need the login but the password can be just PASS, because the password will be fetched into the LDAP base. You need to add the auth module in the conf/modules directory.

UPDATE (June 2015): There is another LDAP module available that includes many additional features. Check it out here.

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