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fields.ini Directive: Key


The Key directive is used only when the table is a view and you need to explicitly define which columns are part of the primary key. For example, if we created a view on the books table to only show books in a given year as follows:

create view books_2000 as
select * from books where year='2000'

And we wanted to use this view as a table in our Xataface application we would need to tell it that the primary key of this view is the book_id field. So in the fields.ini file we would add:


Note that this is case sensitive. key=PRI will not work.

Compound Primary Keys

For primary keys comprising multiple columns we would add this directive for each field in the key. E.g. if our books_2000 view had 2 fields in the primary key, say author_id and book_index, we would have in the books_2000 fields.ini file:




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