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Xataface 2.0.2 Released

Postby shannah » Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:06 pm

I have released Xataface 2.0.2 on Sourceforge today. It includes a number of bug fixes and a few feature enhancements. You can download it at
https://sourceforge.net/projects/datafa ... ace-2.0.2/


- Added support for --stats parameter in export_json to return the stats of
the query in the JSON output.
- Added support for headless operation of the new and edit actions. Also
added support for the -fields parameter in both the edit and new actions
so that forms can be displayed with only a subset of the fields in the
- Added netbeans project
- Added support for generateTemporaryPassword() method in the application
delegate class to override how temporary passwords are generated in the
forgot_password action.
- Added example in docs for generateTemporaryPassword()
- Added ability to override sessionCookieKey property.
- Added tables beginning with xataface__ to disallowed tables by default.
This can be overridden with allowed_tables rules.
- Updated the fineprint to auto-calculate the current year for the copyright
- Stripped forgot_password action from redirect after login to prevent a
login loop after resetting password.
- Set caches to be cleared automatically after performing a version update.
- Added Dataface_QueryBuilder::where() method that can be used directly to
just obtain the where clause for a query.
- Fixed != url conventions to handle null values properly.
- Internationalized strings in the forgot password form
- Fixed a few things in treetable. Removing records still doesn't work.
May just deprecate it as we can do much better now with the latest
javascript libraries.
- Added a more descriptive error message when a field cannot be found.
- Added df_write_json function to public api.
- Added multi-select support to the ListView Javascript class.
- Added IO.remove() Javascript function for removing records.
- Added charset header to emails in forgot password action so that unicode
will work properly.
- Fixed issue with select list 'add more...' option when values in the
valuelist are not fields, but the result of expressions like concat.
This change requires the latest public-api.php for the df_write_json
- Added filter in csv2ini script to convert ü, ä ö to their
actual unicode characters. This is because some of the translations in
the de.ini file included the html entities which caused problems for
action labels which, in 2.0, are html escaped.
- Changed all instances of htmlspecialchars to df_escape to fix encoding
- Fixed untranslated string. http://bugs.weblite.ca/view.php?id=1295
- Internationalized df_offset() function. Added strings to the xataface
translations spreadsheet:
x weeks ago : %d weeks ago
x days ago : %d days ago
Today : Today
Yesterday : Yesterday
a week ago : a week ago
- Internationalized the limit field of the result controller. Added string
to xataface translations spreadsheet.
- Translated strings in delete_selected action. Added to translations
spreadsheet. http://bugs.weblite.ca/view.php?id=1299
- Set the XF_OUTPUT_ENCODING constant when initializing the app so that it
can be used inside df_escape. Should improve performance by eliminating
method calls inside frequently used df_escape method.
- Changed record mtime table creation to create or replace.
- Fixed PHP notice passing return value by reference. (r4753)
- Fixed issue with corrupt translate tag. (r4755)
- Made submit button translatable in forgot password form.
- Removed 'delayed' keyword for inserts since they don't work for INNODB.
- Fixed Outputcache management functions no longer appear if output cache is
not enabled. http://bugs.weblite.ca/view.php?id=1318
- Internationalized strings in manage_output_cache template.
- Internationalized strings in the edit record template.
- Added support for ->_conf['nocache'] setting to allow any part of the app
to cause the request to opt out of caching. This is necessary for the
output cache to work with modules like the switch_user module.
- Internationalized 'copied' and 'replaced' http://bugs.weblite.ca/view.php?id=1322
- Internationalized strings in change_password template. http://bugs.weblite.ca/view.php?id=1326
- Internationalized some strings in copy_replace and added to translation spreadsheet.
- Added support for yui_autocomplete:maxResultsDisplayed directive in
fields.ini file to specify the maximum number of results that can be
displayed at a time in the yui_autocomplete widget.
- Changed default encoding to UTF-8 from ISO-8859-1. This change may disrupt
some existing applications that have data with special latin-1 characters.
It was necessary though as more and more of Xataface is using JSON
encoding and decoding and the PHP json_encode/decode functions only work
with UTF-8. If you pass them Latin encoded data it will return null -
which is unacceptable.
You can still override this setting with
in the conf.ini file.
- Fixed issue with xataface.view.View substitution in case the value is
undefined. It used to leave the placeholder text alone, but now it makes
it blank.
- Changed Xataface_Thumbnail method to be static. (r4796)
- Changed the rendering of blob and container fields in list view and
related list to show the image (if image) or download link if document
rather than just printing the URL.
- Added support for fieldname__csvValue() method to format field output for
use in CSV exports. Also added docs to the DelegateClass interface stub
for this method.
- Fixed issue with export_csv only loading previews of records. It should
load full records. This had been broken a while back when it was changed
to use the Dataface_RecordReader() for loading the records.
Also fixed order of columns in CSV to respect order assigned in fields.ini
- Fixed language selector menu. Was showing up blank. Now correctly shows
language labels etc..
- Fixed problem with actions that have atts specified explicitly. There were
being incorrectly placed inside the class attribute.
- Fixed support for tables.[tablename].label and tables.[tablename].singular_label
i18n keys for setting the singular and plural labels for tables.
- Added X-UA-Compatible metatag to the main template to force IE into IE8
compatibility. Previously would default to IE7 in many newer versions of
IE for some reason.
- Fixed issue calendar not showing events when initially navigating to the
- Fixed debug notice in export_csv
- Fixed issue with View.js that caused sub-html content to be removed when
the data-kvc tag is present but doesn't specify a value.
- Fixed issue with TableView that caused all subtables to have the subview
class added to it..so that tags inside subtables wouldn't get live.
- Fixed issue with grid widget showing add existing button even if
relationship doesn't have add existing related record granted.
- Fixed incorrect instructions on how to add import_filter help text.
- Added updateRows() method to the ListView class so which just updates the
existing rows... it doesn't check for removals and additions. This allows
the update to occur without tearing down the rows and building them up
again so it is much more efficient if you know you don't have to worry
about row additions or removals.
- Fixed issue with grid widget where add existing record did not work in the
default theme. http://bugs.weblite.ca/view.php?id=1203
- Fixed checkbox widget when used on n:m relationship. Previously it gave a
javascript error when used from the default theme. It also failed to check
options that were added with the 'Other' button on the first time through.
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