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Xataface 2.0alpha1 Released

Postby shannah » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:19 pm

I have just released Xataface 2.0alpha1 on sourceforge. Really, Xataface 2.0 has been in the works for over 2 years now, and it was time to officially get it out there. Xataface 1.3.x is still the official stable branch and it will continue to get bug fixes. However 2.0 includes too many new features to keep it boxed up any longer.

The single biggest improvement in Xataface 2.0 is modularity. It is now possible to add new features to the framework without having to modify the core framework itself. For example, in 2.0, FCKeditor and TinyMCE have been removed from the distribution (you can add them back to your copy if you like), in favour of the new ckeditor module that can be installed.

There is a growing number of modules that have been developed, but require Xataface 2.0 in order to work. These can be browsed at
http://weblite.ca/svn/dataface/modules/ (SVN repository).

Some of these are documented at

A short list of some of the modules available include:

1. ckeditor - Provides a CKeditor WYSIWIG widget type for use in forms.
2. depselect - Provides a select widget whose options can be dynamically changed as a response to selections in other fields of a form.
3. datepicker - Adds a jQuery calendar widget that may suit a project better than the built-in calendar widget.
4. g2 - Provides a brand-new, modern look and feel for Xataface applications.
5. ajax_upload - Provides an AJAX file upload widget
6. calendar - A wrapper for the Full Calendar javascript library to provide a visually appealing calendar/day-timer action.
7. tagger - Provides a widget for adding user-defined "tags" to a record.
8. htmlreports - A module for creating HTML reports on the database data.
9. pdfreports - A module for creating PDF reports on the database data.
10. testrunner - A framework for running unit tests on the Xataface framework and applications.
11. comments - A module for adding comments to any record in an application.
12. durationselector - Adds a widget to allow you to select a time duration rather than selecting a start and end time separately.
13. bootstrap - A module that provides templates that use twitter's bootstrap look and feel.
14. Email - A module for sending email to a set of found records.

And quite a few more.

It is my hope that the community can form around the ability to write modules so Xataface's feature set can grow while it maintains a small and stable core.

You can download Xataface 2.0 at
https://sourceforge.net/projects/datafa ... 2.0alpha1/
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Re: Xataface 2.0alpha1 Released

Postby seascoot » Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:48 pm

Good news Steve!

I have been using the 1.9 version trunk from the repository in conjunction with a Twitter Bootstrap template I created. I have two questions related to upgrading to 2.0.

From 1.9, can I simply overwrite the core files with the Sourceforge 2.0 alpha to upgrade without modifying the mySQL database?

Can you provide a bit more information on the relationship between the G2 and Bootstrap modules? I assume that Bootstrap can be used independently of G2, but is there any advantage/disadvantage to running both? (I guess that turned out to be 3 questions.....)
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Re: Xataface 2.0alpha1 Released

Postby shannah » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:08 am

1.9 should be virtually identical to 2.0 at this point. You should be able to just change it over with no changes to the database. If you're already working of SVN, it's probably just as well to continue doing that. Just work off of the 2.0.x branch instead of the 1.9.x branch.

The bootstrap module doesn't provide a theme. It just includes bootstrap, and gives you a few templates that you can import for the rest of the app. It could later be expanded to provide a full theme. I used this module to build some custom actions with the bootstrap look.

The g2 module is a full, new theme for xataface. It won't conflict with the bootstrap module, because bootstrap doesn't do anything by default.. just gives you tools that you can use in custom actions.
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Re: Xataface 2.0alpha1 Released

Postby orueda75 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:23 pm

I upgraded to 2.0.

In my application I would like all of my Time fields, when in list and details view, to display in the 24 hour format.

When I enter in the data, it is displayed in the 24 hour format but in the list view it converts it to the 12 hour format.

I have my fields.ini set like this:

widget:label = "TIME"
widget:type = time
widget:timeFormat = 24
widget:starttime = "00:00"
widget:endtime = "20:00"
widget:interval = "1"

Your help is appreciated.

Re: Xataface 2.0alpha1 Released

Postby shannah » Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:56 am

There are multiple ways to do this. The widget:xxx directives only affect the widget on the edit form. To affect the display, then you can either use the "date_format" directive in the field's section of the fields.ini file; or you can implement the fieldname__display() method in the delegate class.


Code: Select all

Where the value for date_format is any string that is acceptable to the strftime() function

The equivalent xxx__display() method would be:
Code: Select all
function myfield__display(Dataface_Record $record){
    return strftime('%F', strtotime($record->strval('myfield')));
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Re: Xataface 2.0alpha1 Released

Postby tbeemster » Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:08 pm

Awesome news! I'm very excited!
Keep up the good work :)
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Re: Xataface 2.0alpha1 Released

Postby Nikulai » Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:57 pm

Hi. I have just discovered Xataface and it is perfect for what I need. I started with the stable (1.3.3) and got the application started, then noptced the 2.0 alpha and switched the application over to use that and I have to say I am loving it!

One thing I noticed is the change I made to Dataface_Logo.html does not seem to work under 2.0alpha. Is there a different way to change the logo?

Secondly, and this may be my ignorance, but is there an easy way to download the modules from the SVN - I didn't see any zips or tarballs.

- N

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