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Xataface 1.3.1 Released

Postby shannah » Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:18 am

Xataface 1.3.1 was released today on SourceForge:
https://sourceforge.net/projects/datafa ... ace-1.3.1/

This release is a snapshot of the 1.3.x branch revision 3340. It includes several months worth of bug-fixes. Thanks to those of you who reported bugs in the forum and the issue tracker.

Change Log:

- Fixed http://bugs.weblite.ca/view.php?id=856
- Changed details and list controller to show table label instead of table name.
- Fixed history tool restore to respect edit permission. Fields that don't have
edit permission won't be restored.
- Fixed issue with NO ACCESS on fields when viewing history of record.
- Fixed issue that caused actions defined in a table's directory to not be translatable:
- Changed Dataface_Ontology::newOntology() to be declared static to remove strict warnings
(line 57 of register.php for example).
- Merged calendar widget with trunk to fix language issue.
- Fixed bug with SQL syntax in creating registratons table.
- Fixed an issue with "Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated"
in lib/XML/Unserializer.php on line 689"
and other similar errors.
Also reported at
- Fixed issue http://bugs.weblite.ca/view.php?id=856
- Fixed language translation form selector to show selected language properly.
- Fixed multi-checkbox error when inserting new record. issue reported at
- Fixed issue with join tables not being saved properly on update.
- Fix on search instructions as well as updated language files from translation spreadsheet.
- Fixed bug with permissions of modules not getting overridden by permissions of
application. http://bugs.weblite.ca/view.php?id=800
- Fixed deprecated warning with function split() in HTML_QuickForm_select.
- Fix of bug http://bugs.weblite.ca/view.php?id=812
Support for mediumblob fields in file uploads.
- Fixed issue with indexing not working. Thanks to the_woz for pointing this out.
- Fixed issue with installer returning wrong mimetype when exporting app to a tarball.
- Added support for when included via SSI.
- makesite and installer now create a Web.config file to block access to .ini files on
IIS 7 or higher.
- Fixed issue with permissions that prevented some __field__ permissions from being properly picked up.
- Fixed change_password bug.
- Fixed typo in serializer.
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