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Xataface 1.3rc2 Released

PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:39 pm
by shannah
I have just posted Xataface 1.3rc2 on Sourceforge. It contains a critical patch for the output cache, so if you are using the output cache you should either be updating to this version, or at least replacing the Dataface/OutputCache.php file with the one from this version.

You can download this version at: ... z/download
or ... p/download

Depending on whether you prefer the ZIP or TAR.GZ distribution.

Change Log:

Xataface 1.3rc2 2139
April 9, 2011

- Fixed serious issue with outputcache that caused users to be able to log in as other users.
If using output caching you MUST update.
- Fixed issue with output cache - warnings on HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH
- Added support for passwordTwice css class that can be applied to a password field to make
users enter the password twice - and forces it to match in order to submit the form.
- Added clear_views action and permission to control panel
- Added change_password action to actions.ini file so it will show up next to My Profile in the
- Added setPassword method to the authentication tool. This is used by the change password
function... Adding this to the authentication tool allows us to tie the functionality to the
authentication plugin which is the way it should be.
- REmoved debugging code from
- Fixed issue on 5.3 with output cache... a warning about missing key.
- Fixed issue with function options containing arithmetic expressions.
- Added support for literals and string arithmetic in the SQL parser. This has been badly
needed for a long time. Still may be lacking support in where clause or function parameters.