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Xataface 1.3rc1 Released

Postby shannah » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:16 am

I have posted a release candidate for Xataface 1.3 on sourceforge. This release primarily works on PHP 5.3 compatibility to try to get rid of all of the E_STRICT warnings. (Although there are probably some that we missed).

You can download it from sourceforge at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/datafac ... z/download
http://sourceforge.net/projects/datafac ... p/download

depending on whether you prefer tar.gz or zip archives.

Please give it a shot and report problems in the forum.

Change Log:

-Fixed path separators and directory separators to be platform independent in installer.
-Fixed notice of undefined variable in PHP 5.3.5
-Added support for the getNavItem and isNavItemSelected delegate class methods to provide more
flexibility for the navigation menus. Now the navigation menu can contain more than just
-Fixed E_STRICT warning messages (PHP 5.3)
-Added support for the --no-query request parameter which prevents the application from
loading the record set matching the query. If this parameter is set, then the
Dataface_Application::getRecord() method will return null and the
Dataface_Application::getResultSet() will return an empty result set. Similarly the
Dataface_QueryTool::loadResult() method will return an empty result set if passed the
--no-query parameter as part of the query in its third parameter. THis is part of the
solution to the problem reported at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5983.
-Fixed issue with record dialog when adding new records... javascript was being run twice.
Now it is not
-Added user feedback of which column the result set is currently sorted on
-Added fix for windows cached file names in getBlob action.
-Added support saveMessage() and @@ message notation. This allows you to pass the
--msg parameter in the session instead of through the GET url. You would then use
the --msg=@@ to indicate that the ['--msg'] property should be used for the message
-Added support for the beforeCopy() and afterCopy() triggers
-Added some css classes to items in login prompt
-Added username to the default reset password email so that the user knows which username's
password is to be reset
-Fixed Calendar positioning problem in IE. Still needs some more testing but appears to work
in IE 6 and IE 8.
-Added permission 'clear views' specifically for the clear views action. By default no role
has access to this. So only if users with ALL() permission can use the clear views action
-Added action to clear the xataface auto-generated views. This is necessary often when the
database is modified (in structure only).
-Added support for visibility:update directive which allows you to hide fields from the update
-Added new blocks before_login_username, after_login_username, after_login_password, and
after_login_submit on the Dataface_Login_Prompt.html template. This allows us to add some custom content in those places of the login form.
-Fixed style for column-legend so it doesn't overflow
-Fixed support for column:label directive. Added support for column:legend directive to add
legend for columns in result list and related list
-Added support for column:label directive in related list (was already supported in regular list)
-Fixed intermittent problem with parse_repeated in case it is called with a blank delimiter.
-Fixed strict warning on line 41 of ModuleTool
-Added check to ensure that application has a templates_c directory that is writable by the web
server --- new restriction for 1.3
-Fixed installer to use replace instead of update so that first time update works properly
-Removed plone_javascript_variables.js.php and plone menu javascript... these aren't used at all so it just added to bloat
-Updated getProxyView to work with tables that aren't set up for multilingual content even if
app is set to use multilingual content. Proxy views dramatically improve performance when
tables define the __sql__ directive in the fields.ini file.
-Changed url of the Xataface forum to the current address.. This just popped up on some error screens
-Fixed a number of E_STRICT warnings. Refactored LanguageTool and PermissionsTool so that all
methods can be called either statically or as member methods... Had to create second classes
for both of these so that getInstance() returns instance of the alternative class... and all
methods are declared static on the existing class. This will best maintain compatibility with
existing source code. Also fixed a number of assign by reference warnings. Tested small set
of main actions in strict mode. Still much work to be done
-Updated ConfigTool and Application to support modules placed in the DATAFACE_SITE_PATH/modules
directory instead of the DATAFACE_PATH/modules directory.
-Updated translations with latest from the translation spreadsheet
-Added spanish language file... it is way out of date (circa 2007) but at least it's a start
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