Tab without table?

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Tab without table?

Postby Gershy » Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:25 pm

Hello everyone,

I'd like to create a tab in my database, but I'd like it to have nothing to do with any tables in the database. I'd use it only to display other types of information by overriding the main_table block.

So far I've tried to add a new table in the conf.ini file, and I've created a delegate class for it (the table is called My_Application so the class is called tables_My_Application) where I've written the block__main_column() method.

The tab shows up in the database, but upon clicking on it I get this error:
Fatal error: Error performing mysql query to get column information from table 'My_Application'. The mysql error returned was : 'Table 'DMZDatabase.My_Application' doesn't exist'.
On line 477 of file /apps/pma/DB/dataface/Dataface/Table.php in function printStackTrace()
On line 2382 of file /apps/pma/DB/dataface/Dataface/Table.php in function Dataface_Table(My_Application,Resource id #11,)
On line 77 of file /apps/pma/DB/dataface/Dataface/QueryTool.php in function loadTable(My_Application)
On line 531 of file /apps/pma/DB/dataface/Dataface/QueryTool.php in function Dataface_QueryTool(My_Application,Resource id #11,array(My_Application,list,list,0,0,30,list))
On line 1288 of file /apps/pma/DB/dataface/Dataface/Application.php in function loadResult(My_Application,Resource id #11,array(My_Application,list,list,0,0,30,list))
On line 130 of file /apps/pma/DB/dataface/Dataface/SkinTool.php in function getResultSet()
On line 339 of file /apps/pma/DB/dataface/Dataface/SkinTool.php in function Datafac in /apps/pma/DB/dataface/Dataface/Table.php on line 477

I'm sure it's because xataface tries to pull information about the table from the DB before generating any markup, and in my case no such table exists.

Can anyone let me know how to include a table tab that relates to a page with data other than a record table?

I realize I can just make an empty dummy table but this seems to lack elegance.
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Re: Tab without table?

Postby shannah » Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:34 pm

What version of Xataface are you using? In 2.0 with the g2 theme, you can add your own actions to the tables menu by adding the action to the "top_left_menu_bar" category. You can also use the getNavItem delegate method (in 1.3 or higher) to override the nav items and where they link.

Steve Hannah
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Re: Tab without table?

Postby Gershy » Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:02 pm

I'm using 1.3.2!

Also thanks a lot for the excellent help, as usual.

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