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Xataface Pro Needed For One-Off Project

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:08 am
by alec
Hey everyone,
We're a small events management company, and are looking to get our events tracking system off paper - we've decided to go with only open source projects, and I think a Xataface+LAMP (or WAMP) setup would work well.

So, we're looking for a xataface pro to help us build a kickass frontend for use in our office.

Some basic details about the system:
We have about 40 different classes - each class has different requirements (ie. Class A may need 1 teacher & 1 venue, while class B might need 5 teachers, 2 venues, and some stock)
It should track event bookings, customer details, staff and venue assignments, payments & invoices, confirmations, pre-planned holidays (all the basic stuff you would expect)
It also needs to send emails to different parties at different parts of the booking process (emails should be branded correctly - we currently have a number of brands, all of which will go into the system);
but most importantly, it needs to have an intuitive interface - i.e. it should calculate and display the total cost of an event in real time (i.e. when we choose the product, and number of people on the booking form, it should show the cost); it really needs to have a dashboard showing topline figures like 'events with less than required staff/venues in next x weeks','events with outstanding payments','uninvoiced events happening within 7 days' etc. - then go deeper into showing reports of all of these things..

A full brief of our business process is already written up, and we have a draft DB schema (we began experimenting on Access). If you feel like you have mastered the customisation of Xataface (or if you're Steve, and know the system inside out), get in touch - PM me or drop me an email @ ; Payment terms are negotiable.

(if you've just played around with the basic features of the software - please don't apply - I will expect you to show me some samples of what you've done)