Xataface Translation Memory Module 0.1
Translation Memory for Xataface Applications
Xataface Translation Memory Module


The Xataface Translation Memory Module provides a revamped translation form Xataface applications with multilingual content enabled. This translation form includes a string parser and integrated translation memory so that fields containing large amounts of HTML content can be broken up into smaller parts and compared against the growing memory of previous translations.



  1. Fresh-new translation form
  2. Separate translation memory for each language pair
  3. Automatic translation memory matching on translation form.
  4. Automatic saving to translation memory.
  5. Does not conflict with existing database translations (translation memory is only applied to the translation form).
  6. Parses content into individual strings for easy line-by-line translation.


  1. Xataface 2.0
  2. Multilingual Content Turned on


No releases yet.

SVN Trunk: http://weblite.ca/svn/dataface/modules/tm/trunk


  1. Download the latest sources.
  2. Place the sources in either your application's modules directory or the Xataface modules directory. The path should be one of:
    1. APP_PATH%/modules/tm
    2. XATAFACE_PATH%/modules/tm
  3. Enable the module in your application's http://xataface.com/wiki/conf.ini_file "conf.ini file" by adding the following to the
            ... other definitions ...
  4. Make sure that your application has multilingual content enabled. See How to Internationalize Your Application
  5. Ensure that you have granted the necessary permissions for your users to perform translations.
    See also:
    For more information about internationalization in Xataface:
    See also:
    Internationalization with Dataface - An older tutorial on Xataface internationalization.
    How to Internationalize Your Application

Table of Contents

  1. Architectural Overview
  2. Your First Translation
  3. Setting Up Permissions
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Road Map


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