Xataface HTML Reports Module 0.2
HTML Reports Module for Xataface
Xataface HTML Reports Module


This module enables administrators of a Xataface application to design reports using a WYSIWYG HTML editor. There reports can then be run by other users on any found set in the prescribed table of the report.

The report templates themselves are simply HTML documents that include some special placeholder macros where field values are to be embedded when the reports are run. The template editor includes a field browser component that makes it easy to select the fields that should be embedded in the template.

Watch the Screencast

Watch the HTML Reports Module in action by watching this 9 minute Screencast

Getting Started

  1. Overview of Features
  2. Installation
  3. Creating Your First Report
  4. Adding Dynamic Fields to a Report
  5. Publishing Reports To Be Run by Other Users
  6. Using Different View Modes or Reports

Advanced Template Creation

  1. Adding Related Records to a Report
  2. Grouping Reports
  3. Adding Summary Fields
  4. Using Calculated Fields
  5. Template Expressions
  6. Adding Custom CSS

Advanced Template Publishing

  1. Setting Report Permissions

HTML Report Module Administration

  1. Permissions for HTML Reports Module
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