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Internationalization with Xataface


Xataface includes the ability to internationalize your applications. Note, that multilingualization of content requires the query translation extension that is not available as open-source. Contact info at for more information about

Translating Action Labels and Descriptions

Provide translations for your action labels and descriptions easily. (0.7)

Providing translations for the labels and descriptions of your actions is much the same as for field labels and descriptions.  You just have to follow the naming conventions in your language .ini files:

The label of the action %action_name%
The description for the action %action_name%


Suppose you create an action called 'print_reports'.  Your actions.ini file might look something like:

label = "Print reports"
description = "Print the stock reports for the day"

Now, for your french users, you may want the label of this action to be "Rapports d'impression", and the description to be "Imprimer les rapports courants pour le jour".  All you would have to do is add the following to your fr.ini file:

actions.print_reports.label="Rapports d'impression"
actions.print_reports.description="Imprimer les rapports courants pour le jour"
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