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Getting Started with Xataface


Web Lite is a simple framework for developing data-driven web applications in PHP and MySQL. This tutorial will show you how to get a dataface powered web application running in under 20 minutes.


Download and installation instructions for the Web Lite framework.

Xataface is a 100% PHP Framework that comes with all dependencies as part of the installation.  The framework itself lives inside a single directory that should be placed inside the document root of your web server so that it can be accessed from the web.  You can install a single copy of Xataface to be used by multiple applications on your web server.  Each application just "requires" the key files from the Web Lite framework.


  1. Go to the Xataface Sourceforge project file releases page or download the latest development sources from GitHub.
  2. Download the latest file release.


  1. Unpack the gzipped tar archive that you downloaded somewhere in your web server's document root (i.e., make sure that the 'dataface' directory is in a web-accessible location).


If your installation is not going as planned, don't panic. There is a possiblity that your system has a slightly different configuration and you have to make some small adjustments to make the installation work.

The general procedure for troubleshooting the installation is as follows:

  1. Check the Error References section to see if others have previously encountered your error.
  2. Check the bug tracker on sourceforge to see if the error has previously been reported and if there is a workaround.  (Note:  Issues are slowing being moved to the Github issue tracker . Post your issues there going forward.). 
  3. Join and send to the forum.


Important:  Installing Xataface on its own doesn't do anything.  If you point your web browser to the Xataface directory at this point, it will just take you to the web-based Xataface installer for creating apps.   Please proceed to the next section for information on creating your first Xataface application.


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