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Page name Page id Page title Content Keywords Language Original page
lookup61The Lookup WidgetReturn to [[widget:type]] page to see list of all ...lookup widget, widget:filters, widget:-filters:lim...en0
Customizing_the_look_and_feel_of_a_row_or_a_cell62Customizing_the_look_and_feel_of_a_row_or_a_cell==How to customize the look and feel of elements i...en0
How_to_granulate_permissions_on_each_field63How_to_granulate_permissions_on_each_field==How to granulate permissions on each field== ...en0
LDAP_or_Active_Directory65How to authenticate users with LDAP or Active Dire...[[toc]] It is often easier to use the existing ...LDAP,Active Directory,Authenticationen0
How_to_authenticate_users_with_LDAP_or_Active_Dire...64How_to_authenticate_users_with_LDAP_or_Active_Dire...==How to authenticate users with LDAP or Active Di...en0
table66tableWhen using widget:type table, it will store the da...en0
grid67grid==widget:type = grid== Suppose we have two tabl...en0
relationship68The relationship fields.ini directive[[fields.ini file|Return to fields.ini file direct...grid widget, relationship, checkboxen0
checkbox69checkbox==The checkbox widget== In the [[fields.ini fil...en0
documentation_guide70Documentation GuideXataface uses a wiki to manage its online document...documentation wikien
GettingStarted:Introduction71IntroductionWeb Lite is a simple framework for building data-d...introduction requirements getting starteden
GettingStarted:Why_Use_Xataface72Why Use Xataface==Why Use Xataface?== Some simple examples simi...introduction motivation whyen
GettingStarted:Installation73Installation==Installation== Download and installation inst...installation troubleshooting downloading en
GettingStarted:first_application74Creating your First Application==Creating Your First Application== Build a sim...htaccess first application installationen
GettingStarted:using_first_app75Using Your First Application==Using Your First Application== A Web Lite app..."find form","edit form","delete record","user inte...en
GettingStarted:customizing76Customizing Field labels, descriptions, and widget...==Customizing Field labels, descriptions, and widg...widget labels descriptions onclick handlersen
GettingStarted:valuelists77Using Valuelists==Using Value-lists== Value-lists serve as voca...valuelists, __sql__, select lists, checkbox option...en
GettingStarted:relationships78Relationships==Relationships== Xataface allows you to define...relationshipsen
GettingStarted:validation79Form Validation==Form Validation== Xataface allows you to add ...form validation,required field,validation rulesen
GettingStarted:delegate_classes80Delegate Classes==Delegate Classes== Use Delegate classes to ad...delegate classes,getTitle,getPermissionsen
GettingStarted:triggers81Triggers==Triggers== Triggers are methods that can be d...triggers, beforeSave, afterSave, beforeInsert, aft...en
Creating_Printable_Reports82Creating a Custom Printable Report==Creating a Printable Report== [[toc]] It i...en
Key83fields.ini Directive: KeyThe '''Key''' directive is used only when the tabl...Key, Views, MySQL Views, Create View, PRI, Primary...en site with a backoffice==A site with a backoffice== To create a site wit...en to build a site with an optional login form==How to build a site with an optional login form=...en
site_with_backoffice86==How to build a site with an optional login form=...en
sql_delegate_method87__sql__ Delegate Methodreturn to [[Delegate class methods]] ===Synopsi...__sql__, SQL queries, delegate classen
secure88secure fields.ini directive[[fields.ini file]] directive used only with [[,fields.ini fileen
file89==Dynamic select boxes== To create two select b...en
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