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relationships.ini File Reference


The relationship.ini file is a configuration file which is associated with a single table of a database application. It provides metadata about the table's relationships to other tables to help Xataface dictate how they should be included in the application.

Field Directives

The following directives may be added to a field's section of the relationship.ini file to customize the field's behavior. Some directives are not applicable to all fields.

Name Description Version
__sql__ The SQL query that defines this relationship. all
action:visible? A boolean value (0 or 1) that indicates whether this relationship should be visible in the record tabs. all
action:condition An expression that evaluates to a boolean that determines at runtime whether the relationship's tab should appear in the record tabs. all
action:delegate? The name of an alternative action that can be used instead of the standard related records list. One possible value for this would be "related_records_checkboxes" which would provide the user with a checkbox group to select the records that should be part of the relationship rather than the usual related record list. 1.0
section:limit? Integer. The number of records to show in the related record sections (in the view tab). Default is 5. 1.0
section:visible? Boolean value (0 or 1) indicating whether the relationship information should appear as a section on the left side of the table. all
actions:addexisting? Boolean value (0 or 1) indicating whether the action to add existing records should exist in this relationship. all
actions:addnew? Boolean value (0 or 1) indicating whether the action to add news records should exist in this relationship. all
action:label? The label that appears in the relationship tab for this relationship. all
list:type Optional type of list to use for the related record list. Possible value: "treetable" 0.8
meta:class An optional special class to assign to the relationship. E.g. "parent" or "children". 0.8
metafields:order? If the relationship should have a default order this specifies the field that should be used for this sort. all
visibility:fieldName If given the value hidden will make that particular fieldName disappear in the relationship. This will only be applied for that particular relationship. all
visibility:find? If given the value hidden this will cause the related fields to not appear on the find form. Normally each relationship is provided a section of the find form to enable users to find records that contain at least one match in the related records. 1.3rc4
vocabulary:existing? Specifies a valuelist that can be used to provide the set of records that can be added to this relationship. If target table has a single column primary key then the valuelist should use the primary key for the value. If it has a multi-column primary key, then the value should be in the form key1=value1&key2=value2 etc... See also relationshipname__getAddableValues? delegate class method for a programatic solution. 1.0

Relationship Permissions

See Relationship Permissions

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