Table widget with HTMLReports?

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Table widget with HTMLReports?

Postby auphi » Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:30 am

Is it possible to pull out a piece of data from a table widget into HTMLReports? I can get the entire set of data as a block, but not sure if it's possible to separate it out. If so, amazing! How might this be accomplished? Assuming not...

My situation is that I am using a table widget to store an indeterminate amount of fields. I feel like the table widget isn't necessarily ideal, but the way it works is incredibly convenient for what I am doing.

Example: Every customer we have a contract with has particular set of rates that they have worked out with us, and there is no standard as to the number of different rates associated with said set. To simplify -- There could be something simple like {Regular Time = $xx.xx, Overtime = $xx.xx}, or more complex like {Regular Time = $xx.xx, Overtime = $xx.xx, Travel Time = $xx.xx, Rate for Special Service #1 = $xx.xx, Rate for Special Service #2 = $xx.xx ... etc}.

So, it's nice to have that "Add Row" button and be able to have just 1, or several different values in the set, but I have to be able to pull those numbers out and do some math on them and create invoices. I was able to extract and manipulate the data in php, so that part is fine, I'm just not sure how to get it into a report (if possible).

I guess this may go beyond Xataface persay, but I'm open to suggestions on how to (re)work this not using the table widget. I'm hoping to be able to avoid having to just create 15+ individual fields in a record most of which will just stay empty (as 99% of the records will only have 2-3 rates associated with them).

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Re: Table widget with HTMLReports?

Postby shannah » Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:45 pm

So you want columns to appear in certain reports but not in others. Well if you have a way to determine whether a column should appear, you could just use CSS to show/hide columns.

E.g. Make a calculated field that returns the report CSS class. Then include a stylesheet that hides/shows particular columns depending on what the CSS class is of the whole table.

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