Date format in record view and list view

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Date format in record view and list view

Postby rtresidd » Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:37 am

Was having a bit of an issue with trying to get dates to always format as Y/m/d as per the mysql date format.
Problem is that on edit the user will see an edit box formatted as Y/m/d with the date selector next to it which is all ok.
But it was displayed everywhere else as m/d/y, not good..

I eventually traced it through to the table.php code setting the date format via the format code %x which presents date as m/d/y
this was in the format function in Table.php
I changed the offending line to : fmt = '%Y/%m/%d'; break; for the moment until I can work out where to override this via the fieldLocale stuff that seems to follow that switch statement.

Also I used to get YYYY/MM/DD being rendered under the date entry box but I don't seem to be getting that now..
I may have seen it with a previous version or when I had the optional datepicker module being used..

I'm using a 1.9 3856 version
database has the field type as DATE and the edit record view seems to get this all right.

Any thoughts on where I should really be trying to override this display format??

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