"foo" showing up on delete record in xataface2.0alpha1

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"foo" showing up on delete record in xataface2.0alpha1

Postby auphi » Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:33 pm


This is just an FYI, and I'm not sure if this is actually the best place to put this info, but I was noticing that when I would go to delete records I kept getting the text: "fooAre you sure you want to delete this record:"

After a little digging I found the culprit, which is in xataface/Dataface/DeleteForm.php, line 159: $context = array('msg'=>'foo'.$msg, 'form'=>$form);

For a brief moment I thought that I had modified the file, but I usually try not to modify core files unless absolutely necessary, so I checked the xataface-2.0alpha1.zip file and the core trunk in svn, and sure enough, it's in the release.

Sorry if this is a repeat, or if you are already aware, but I didn't see anything else about it upon searching the forums/bug reports, and wanted to bring it to your attention.
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