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Customizing the Web Lite Look and Feel

The Xataface includes some powerful templating tools that give the developer the power to modify any part of the interface easily.


1. Introduction
How much can Web Lite's look be customized to suit your needs?
2. Under the hood
The SkinTool class extends the Smarty templating engine, adding some useful tags, and powerful custom functions.
3. Tour of Web Lite's Core Templates
Xataface includes several core templates that, together, make up the default look and feel of a Dataface application. Find out how these templates are organized and what each is for.
4. Customizing templates
Xataface provides two different methods of template customization: Override, and Block insertion.
5. Extending Templates
Xataface allows you to extend existing templates, replacing only the portions that need to be changed.
6. Creating a theme for Xataface
Xataface 0.7 allows you to easily develop, distribute, share, and install your your own themes
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