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How to enable unicode support

As of Xataface 0.6, unicode is fully supported so that your dataface application will work with any and multiple languages simultaneously.

Unicode is a multi-byte character encoding standard that allows you to work with virtually any character set (e.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English/Latin). If your application is intended to work in multiple languages, it is a good idea to use unicode rather than the default Latin-1 encoding.

Enabling Unicode in conf.ini file

Allowing Xataface to work with unicode is simple. You just need to set the input encoding (ie) and output encoding (oe) to "UTF-8" in the conf.ini file for your application. You do this at the very beginning of the conf.ini file, before any of the sections (e.g. [_database] or [_tables]), as follows:




Using Unicode in MySQL

You should also start using one of the unicode collations for your mysql databases. For more information about this, see

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